Mind Body Soul Shift - will help you information that will put you on the path to complete wellness
Mind Body Soul Shift

MIND BODY SOUL SHIFT LLC offers health & wellness coaching to help you get to the root of what’s eating at you. This is where we will assist you on your journey of self-discover, you have to find your center, your peace and then you can focus on becoming well and whole.

Our number 1 goal is to give you the information that will put you on the path to complete wellness, however it’s completely up to you if you follow the path.

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Mind Body Soul Shift

Are you tired of living an average life?

Owner of Mind Body Soul Shift Coach Greta Ross

Hello and Welcome to

 Mind Body Soul LLC

I’m Greta Ross, a Certified Release, Transformation, Life, Health, Wellness, NLP Coach helping others learn how to maintain good health… Mind Body Soul


As a coach I offer solutions and help you reach your goals. Starting with reviewing your attitude, perspectives and behaviour learning to create positive improvements and changes.


In learning to understand new perspectives, you’ll typically become more acquainted with yourself, and why you do the things you do. Reframing your thinking and learning new outlooks on what stimulates personal growth.

I lost over 100lb with no surgery no dieting and no pills click to learn how.

100 lbs WITH


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Your Health Matters 

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Do you want to Thrive not just exist?

Coach Greta Mind Body Soul Shift

You want to live your dreams but, you keep telling yourself it’s too late for you, you should’ve started sooner. Then you tell yourself, it is what it is, and keep living THE SAME DAY for the rest of your life, now stop and think about that.


You go to work,  you come home, you eat, you go to bed and you relive exactly what you did yesterday!


Really!! What kinda life is that? That’s not living, that's just existing, and because you have a purpose you were created to live more than an average life,

you were created to live out your purpose. 

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